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Membership / Training

All of our Venues have Fully Qualified and Insured Instructors,
operating within the recommendations and codes of practice of
The Child Protection Act 1999

We have Black belt Dan Grades who together with our numerous
Brown belt assistant instructors who are available throughout our venues to give
personal and individual instruction to our members whilst learning our art.

Membership of Shukokai North West Karate Clubs
is open to male or female from age 5

              Beginners may attend any of our Training Venues       (see locations page)


It will be YOUR decision if YOU wish to become a member of our Club,
you will  not be pressured into joining, be this 1 week, 1month, 6 months etc.


If you are a beginner or attending one of our training session for the first time,
we are sure your perception of Karate will be changed.


Given TIME and YOUR DEDICATION your personality will change, you will gain self confidence, an awareness of YOUR OWN and others abilities, respect for your fellow members and become mentally, physically fitter and a much better person.


On attending the Dojo for the first time you will be given a Temporary Members form to sign,
 this is for us to record your personal details during your initial period of training and obtain your permission to instruct yourself / child or children.


It is not necessary for you to Purchase a Gi (Karate suit) from our Club or Sports shop
immediately before or after beginning training.

Jogging trousers / shorts and baggy T shirt are sufficient.


Please do not wear any kind of jewellery whilst training.


Arrive at training session 5 to 10 minutes before commencement.


WE DO NOT operate a Direct Debit payment system


Training session or mat fee costs are paid for on arrival at each dojo.


Our Clubs operate Weekly & Family discounts
Family members training together. i.e. family of  2, 3 or family of 4.
Individuals or families training more than one session per week.


When YOU CONSIDER that you are Happy with our style of Karate / Club and wish to become a member you can request to join us and will be given a
Members Application form.

  On joining you will obtain your Membership pack containing:
Grading syllabus, Gi Club badge, Attendance record card and the Clubs information pack.

Your Grading syllabus is used to record your grading achievements
and to help you with the terminology used whilst training.


Club Gradingís are held approximately every 4 months for coloured grades.
Intermediate Grading's are held regularly on the 1st full week of each month
 to ensure that each student is progressing sufficiently to enable them to undertake their main Coloured Belt grading at the next opportunity.

This also ensures that the parents of the student also have an indication of their progress.


A Merit badge system is in operation for these intermediate grading's
to allow the club sensei's to monitor each students progress at each training session.


Prior to your 1st Grading you will be required (if not already) to become
a member of this club and obtain a
Karate Gi, Licence / Insurance, (licence) renewable annually.
Included in this Licence / insurance fee is personal Member &
Member to Member Insurance.


A Karate Gi (suit) and other equipment can be purchased from this Club


We have Instructional DVDís for beginners and advanced students to enable further training to be undertaken at your own pace in the comfort of your own home. These have proved to be of great assistance especially with beginners introducing them to the various techniques / terminology etc. used in training sessions.

  Please refer to our Club Shop page for Club Equipment details
and range of items available.

Coloured Belt Grades / levels.

  Beginner 9th Kyu White Belt
  8th Kyu Yellow Belt
  7th Kyu Orange Belt
  6th Kyu Green Belt
  5th Kyu Blue Belt
  4th Kyu Purple Belt
  3rd Kyu Brown Belt  one black stripe on belt
  2nd Kyu Brown Belt  two black stripes on belt
  1st Kyu Brown Belt  three black stripes on belt

Senior DAN Grade Black Belt.


If you have any further questions do not hesitate to contact us via the contacts page.


Karen and myself would like to Welcome you to:

Shukokai North West Karate Clubs





In Karate there is no first attack.


















I come to you only with karate, empty hands.
I have no weapons.
But should I be forced to defend myself, my principles
or my honour,
Should it be a matter of life or death, right or wrong
Then here are my weapons, karate,


People of all ages and cultures from all walks of life study the Martial Arts
for a variety of reasons.

Self-defence, Physical Fitness, Self Improvement, Self Confidence.

Martial Art's teach admirable human qualities
that help the individual through life.

Like anything else, in karate you get out of it what you put into it.
Watch any student practice for just five minutes, the degree of discipline that goes into his or her training becomes obvious whatever their grade.
Because each individual student sets his or her own standard of excellence some will become black belts sooner than others, many will fall by the wayside.
But all who focus in and never lose sight of their goals will someday reap the rewards of the self-discipline, self-confidence and an
all important inner feeling of self achievement.

A measure of a person cannot be summed up by the colour of the belt they wear,
itís their own personality, individuality, character and their ability to achieve and overcome what appears to be insurmountable tasks.
We ALL are UNIQUE with different capabilities, and skills.

Your Sensei's do not teach fighting
but valuable lessons through
the discipline of training.

Sensei's will motivate their students to achieve things they never thought possible.

Commit yourself, study hard, focus, when training give 100% and put into practice the things you have been taught.

Soon you will acquire and have earned the title of Sensei.




Sensei David Finch
6th Dan Shihan

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