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2019  Calendar / Grading Diary Dates

Other events will be posted as details become available.

Grading pictures.

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          Grading Photographs
8th to 6th Kyu            Badge  week 7th - 12th January
8th to 6th Kyu            Badge  week 4th - 9th February
8th to 6th Kyu            Badge  week 4th - 9th March
8th to 1st Kyu 31st March 2019
8th to 6th Kyu            Badge  week 1st - 6th April
8th to 6th Kyu            Badge  week 6th - 11th May
8th to 6th Kyu          Badge  week 3rd - 8th June
8th to 6th Kyu          Badge  week 1st - 6th July
Pre Dan 4th to 1st Kyu & Dan Grades TBA (07.07.19)
Dan Grading 21st July
8th to 1st Kyu 28th July
8th to 6th Kyu             Badge  week 5th - 10th August
8th to 6th Kyu          Badge  week 6th - 11th September
8th to 6th Kyu          Badge  week 7th - 12th October
8th to 6th Kyu          Badge  week 4th - 9th November
Pre Dan 4th to 1st Kyu & Dan Grades TBA (17.11.19)
Presentation Evening
Family Night - Disco
7th December
8th to 6th Kyu         Badge  week 2nd - 7th December
Dan Grading 14th December
8th to 1st Kyu 22nd December

Kyu  Grading  Announcement


Kyu grades taking:   8th Kyu to 1st Kyu


Sunday 31.03.19 Commencing: 9.00 a.m.


Beginners to 5th Kyu's wishing to be considered for this grading should forward
a letter / e mail of application to Sensei David 
requesting if they are suitable and could be considered for this grading.

From 4th Kyu to 1st Kyu your application
Must be received
12 weeks
prior to this grading date in order to have all DAN GRADES asses your suitability.


All persons should ensure that their Licence is current / valid, signed and contains a photograph.


Please check your attendance card to ensure you have attained or are nearing
our recommended number of training attendances.



  Beginners should apply for their
Grading Syllabus / Licence by:
Saturday 9th March
  Licence / Grading Syllabus / Grading fee
to Sensei David by:
Saturday 23rd March



Grading Commencement Times.

  Beginners ready to commence
 taking           8th Kyu
yellow 9.00am
  taking           7th Kyu orange 9.00am
  taking           6th Kyu green 10.30am
  taking           5th Kyu blue 10.30am
  taking           4th Kyu purple 10.45am
  taking   3rd - 1st Kyu brown 10.45am

Please  ensure that you arrive 5 - 10 minutes before grading commencement times.


Beginners on arrival register with Sensei Karen.


Subsequent start times after beginners commencement time are approximate,
please ensure your attendance before the times stated.


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